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The undergraduate does poineering work do business affairs of electron of aquati
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The undergraduate does poineering work do business affairs of electron of aquatic product of sortie of experience farming website

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  • Print by 2006, the Huang Mingxiang of the Cai Jun that comes from Anhui to build industrial institute computer and information project department and department of Nantong university news, went one case, begin to establish rose " Chinese aquiculture net " , through a year of much progress, aquiculture net already became a of course of study of Chinese experience Agriculture Bank famous site now, visit quantity had obtained aquatic product kind website the first.

    Begin open 3 years " Chinese langouste net "

    The crayfish whole nation of Hefei is famed, hefei has a street to call langouste a street, hefei eats crayfish to had had very old history, also be the area that the whole nation begins crayfish earlier to breed artificially, cai Jun reads the Anhui in Hefei to build industrial institute namely, however why does one's previous experience build him of kind of school to remember those who will make langouste website? The thing begins from a few experience that attend a college even, cai Jun likes the computer, be in an university when, learn the knowledge of this respect actively, established Association for Computing Machinery in the school, here period the knowledge that struck aspect of a lot of computers secondhand and the friend that like to computation likewise, this recruits a lot of helps that the knowledge beyond book provides for him. Hefei begins to run langouste red-letter day from 2 years, cai Jun feels at that time, langouste this aquatic product is very potential thing, because any other aquatic product cannot become store alone quite, next langouste can have separate langouste store however. And returning a street do this entirely, the business is very good also. This makes he what be interested in the network, produced the think of a way that does a langouste website. Below the condition that allows in economy to 3 years, cai Jun spent 120 yuan to register this domain name, chinese langouste net was born so.

    Gain the first pail of gold

    Just began to just depend on interest and hobby, make langouste net, did not want to attend a meeting short time makes money, do not open time of half an year in the website, beijing has a company of langouste breed aquatics to call come over, say to want to make promotion on langouste net, although do not have how many money, but be an accident really to Cai Jun is surprizing at that time, the meaning also is different from general, such with respect to gain the first pail of gold.

    Korea SBS comes to langouste net

    The langouste that went to China 5 years is hot, had arrived the degree of like a raging fire, the whole nation fluctuates, great river north and south, feed crayfish. Connect international friend even, also generated strong interest to Chinese langouste. Langouste net often can receive the telephone call that calls from abroad, the thing of advisory langouste. 5 annual in, the SBS TV station of Korea, this patted the TV station of drama of countless outstanding Han, run to China from Korea, had the visit of special subject to langouste net.
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