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What Tecent sees an eye is very much
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If the Ma Huateng that has 700 million much user and product of 300 many Internet wheres the palm in the quickness dilate of diversity accuses course, surmount " the person that follow suit " figure, and does compose build a world to go up unprecedented is giant Web2.0 Caesarean? (perhaps, the person that knows him most is Li Yan grand)

Summer 2005, ma Huateng gets a mail that comes from ocean the other shore. The Tecent international professional work that sends a person to be accredited the colleague that is him, for a long time to be in the United States is high executive vice-president net greatly. In this mail, the video website that the net recommends Ma Huateng to pay close attention to to make with FlashVideo technology greatly -- the place of its extraordinary depends on: Any users can transmit the video document that the individual is made or collects up, share them to others. And, it increasingly popular, already had on the visit person of ten million person-time. The net reminds Ma Huateng greatly: This video website has not found right commercial pattern, if we are resolved,buy, even if just invest its word, future may be brushstroke the buying and selling of real be to one's profit.

Consideration a long time, ma Huateng and his high level group with " look not to understand " for, abandoned investment. After a year, in October 2006, this Tecent misses shared video website to sell Google with 1.65 billion dollar. Know like people in that way, it is YouTube.

"What we take a look is very much " , in November 2007 the bottom is accepted " round-the-world entrepreneur " when the special interview, ma Huateng mentions this to miss, mood is very relaxed: "This company is in the United States, what we can experience is not too much, cannot also blame us? And it is the United States also has a lot of people to look forbid. MySpace, YouTube and Facebook these are a lot of VC do not look to go up of the eye. " at least the surface looks, ma Zheng of 37 years old lies a kind unprecedented " flabby feeling " in. Compared with when accepting this print to interview in Feburary 2006, he is apparent fat. On his wide desk, do not have any group photo with celebrity high official, in a few only picture frame, putting firstly year old the photograph of the son of half. Although highest when the Tecent that has market prise of 15 billion dollar, had vacated the position of bibcock of company of Internet of stock market of its Hong Kong, ma Ye does not plan to launch revolution of a company instantly: "I hold out those who oppose n/ele be induced by hard change, a lot of can achieve same goal " .

But in in one's heart, ma Huateng never stops a change: Come for years, his competition ability comes from Yu Jian to believe " thing delay is round " advance gradually revolution. This is in the company that is underestimated badly before 6 when found years by the industry, obtain silently 700 million register an user more, made many 300 product. And at the moment, he still is having an unprecedented great tentative idea: String together the function such as space of instant communication, individual, video, music truly rise, form " true Web2.0 community " . Who will become his the next " study " example? He conceals that enough to make a lot of people none the answer that understanding laughs at: Facebook. Another relatively little change is, come one this many year, the horse began the direct contact with American network industry, the new friend that he can list adduce includes Paypal author Maikesi Lafu musical instrument (MaxLevchin) the author that reachs Zhanmusi · big (JamesHong) . Want to know, no matter be former new the company Slide that establish, still be HotorNot of latter the website that make friend, its innovation degree and look seem not Anacreontic prospect, be afraid and no less than in those days YouTube.
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