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Why does Baidu roll out his website
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By 1999, when Nasidake the index is jumped from 2500 bits litre to 3000 bits, used time of a half moon to rush to 4000 bits again, li Yan of 31 years old grand the name since the company in be being prepared to oneself. He already alled alone in American search engine company Infoseek works 3 years, but the competitor Inktomi that what he thinks of is Infoseek. Forgot to had looked where, one word of Inktomi is Yindian language, meaning for " the spider of wisdom " . Plum suppositional: If an out imprints install the brand of language to be able to be agreed with by American user, so if one day oneself company turns a world-class into the company, remove to result from to it the name of archaic China also is no problem. Then, in acting 1990 end, when Chinese network company introduces the brand of the Sino-British be mingled with such as Sohoo, Ctrip, ELong generally, he was chosen from inside Song Ci " Baidu " 2 words.

In 8 years later, plum Yan Hong has undertaken countless times external " Baidu " of one word unscramble, but he never the origin of refer and Inktomi and implicit the internationalization dream of the move. This is not a think of a way that can lead resonantly easily really. Rose 2002, plum Yan Hong can be annual on company board of directors put forward internationalization to imagine, deny repeatedly. Although arrived by 2006, the success that Baidu is in China already hard shake, announce to march when it when Japan, still be ridiculed to say by Sohu author Zhang Chaoyang: "The voice that they hear wall street is too much, the likelihood feels to be able to make money more quickly so. " oppugn to this kind, plum Yan Hong has a blunt rhetorical question: "Why to say without company of hostage doubt United States: American market is so big, why do you make the market beyond the United States even? " in November 2007 the middle ten days of a month, seldom accept interview plum right " round-the-world entrepreneur " say: "After 15 years, the income of Baidu should have 50% above is to come from China besides. " although year close not be puzzled, but the evidence that Li Hao does not have middleaged grow stout, and his face also ases if to want than actual age young 10 years old. With the people that his contemporaneity does poineering work, already many beginning that reach energy to investment dispersedly enjoy the life to go up, li Hai never has acted the part of angel investor. Ferial in, he is using the teacup of the pottery and porcelain that take a top with common 1980 generation, want to wear a tens of paces in office division, go public water engine office hits water. He was 2000 probably that batch " intellectual hero " in be familiar with for the person least of all. Before appearing on the market, plum make rarely beautiful, after appearing on the market, outside enthusiasm pays close attention to the wealth that its increase quickly, he more do not wish him fashion into " one night is cruel rich " delegate. A poineering founding member that has left Baidu says plum be the sort of " believe wine is sweet do not be afraid of alley child deep person " .
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