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Careladen tax proposal lends rehabilitate of the guest that write rich figure af
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"Da Wa " go on an expedition one year superabundant, both sides called a discount more or less in the figure in public heart. Even if with " ethical hero " the child of pose as with a ha is breathed out after Zong Qing of palm door person (next graphs) also must bear the doubt that comes from each. Then, it is besides openly battlefield, after Zong Qing also open up a new battlefield effort ground repair oneself figure.

   Tactics one: Rich guest " appeal to inner feeling "

After child with a ha breaths out Zong Qing of palm door person open win formally on March 13, release present current affairs to comment on from the picture during just beginning two meetings, rich guest of Laozong is updated very fast. Like opening win to Wen Bo with president of 31 heavy industry, a rich after Zong Qing just is paid close attention to by each.

After opening win, the tendercy of the to oneself track after Zong Qing and enterprise is evaded none, include the routine such as the workers congress to all go up rich. And outside child Ha Hazhi, laozong takes an active part in current affairs to comment on. In the light of European parliament plenary meeting 10 days are passed alleged " Tibetan problem resolution " be related, zong Qing hind will write Wen Yishu idea on April 16, the problem is " Chinese heart " : "Although Zong Qing hind is old, chinese heart is not old. As a member of the Chinese nation, I express intense indignation to this. " and in express " the world care " later, do not forget the brushstroke on the belt " personal care " : "On the road of globalization, be squelched by western country ceaselessly outside. I think of similar scene, be in like us and amount to can on the problem, ate be unable to speak out about one's grievances. " language minor details adds such brushstroke, feeling is revealed also natural and true.

"Da Wa " incident erupts after half an year, a group of people of same interest after Zong Qing issues of all kinds open letter and statement again and again for a time. These text although inscribe is differ, but send an official communication to other organizations is similar however. And that is sealed after Zong Qing famous " open letter " in still contain clear Jiang Zhefeng case " spoken language " . But " Chinese heart " logic of style or manner of writing is clear, also do not lose literary talent. Apparent, than the style of writing before this, the skill of style or manner of writing after Zong Qing has greatly improve. This perhaps is one of progress that a group of people of same interest after Zong Qing comes to one year.

   Tactics 2: Lift beneficently

In Hu Run 2004, 2005, the name after the beneficent a list of names posted up that released 3 years 2006 can discover Zong Qing on sheet. Be in " Da Wa " after incident, although the trouble is ceaseless, strength of old Zong Cishan is not decreased. On April 18, old Zong Zaibo guest " in thoroughfare the city inspects side of speak or sing alternately to support a project " in divulge: "The company comes nearly two years, 40 many speak or sing alternately were built to support deficient project in the whole nation, gained very good economic benefits and social benefit. " it is more important that at that time perhaps charity with a ha is breathed out to child and character comparing goes.
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