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Versatile method of Lu Guanqiu: Great it is to boil come out
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"Great it is to boil come out. "Great it is to boil come out..

This word is used in Lu Guanqiu to go up personally, had not been. He 63 years old, used 39 years of time make it of a smithy true transnational corporation.

Lu Guanqiu likes people to call him " generation entrepreneur of Chinese " . In fact, as congeneric as him the person of this one cavalcade, already amount to is not much.

In the extreme that has research relatively to property right system president of limited company of Kang Renshou insurance holds CEO Chen Dongsheng concurrently to look, lu Guanqiu is in versatile and inchoate solved property right problem well, it is most successful mode. And this, also eliminated hidden danger for versatile development.

Dan Luguan ball comes for years of an earnestly practise what one advocates, be not apparently is to solve property right problem only so simple. He of culture of only junior high school, prefer to use " ruse " will run a company. This kind of ruse, also be not nowadays popularity definitely all sorts of modern gewgaw however concept can be covered.

For example, research fails. Why entrepreneur people is total meeting in same a local trip? From 1987 Ma Shengli begins " scan widely whole nation " , the decision contracts enterprise of papermaking of 100 20 provinces, China, the enterprise after bringing about 3 years is disbanded only then, to 2004 Sun Hongbin is suitable gallop the 10 billion target that raise (company decided at the higher level but not officially announced is actually 15.5 billion) -- this kind " type of a dark horse is outspread " brought about directly suitable gallop decline, blind dilate became the does not go common fault of partial industry wave almost, make paid bitter price.

Apparent, lu Guanqiu gets gist greatly, "Failure has the law, do not have the rule successfully. " he was summed up so, also did so.

Come for years, versatile compound increase rate is maintained in 25.89 % . Be this is planted add ordinarily fast, let universal go unusually dovishly.

And overseas, although universal begins namely 24 years ago with the deal of tycoon of American car component at that time, although versatile United States had tens of removing that buy in 8 years in the past, but, till 2007, lu Guanqiu just agrees to admit his is " the rudiment of the transnational corporation on real significance " .

Lu Guanqiu's ruse, in universal in be being bought, the reflecting that Yi Youming shows. "Versatile type buys " essence depends on: Cooperate first, even if become a 2 partner, also not be eager to contend for the chair that grabs large stockholder, to be contended for business management counterpoises and won't give a minute of money more more. In buy, he is used to business accounting cost, and do not like to come with so called accrual him temptation.

Nowadays, be born out of the universal at traditional manufacturing industry, battalion closes to already was amounted to 40 billion, already had fight risk ability enoughly, none strange.
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