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Huang Guangyu: ZhongGuanCun is current share price is floor price
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As a result of ZhongGuanCun (000931, Prices, Information, Brunt buying and selling) will stop a card in October from last year already 7 many months, during this, a steep fall almost 50% , so the ZhongGuanCun share price of answer card walks along power equipment to get attention now.

Before stopping a card, because the outside recombines existence to anticipate strongly to ZhongGuanCun, 2007 every accrual 0.13 yuan ZhongGuanCun, the share price when stopping a card last year has achieved 14.76 yuan, city is filled with rate be as high as 111 times. But the gain ability that considers this infuse capital fund and during its stop a card, grail drops deeper, especially landed be inflicted heavy losses on wait for element influence, the market analyses personage Wang Shujuan to think, zhongGuanCun now after open quotation go situation not allow hopeful.

Disclose in announcement, the asset of this infuse -- , roc embellish accuses 34.97 million yuan when net profit adds six hundred and eight thousand three hundred yuan to 2007 from 2005. Predict to will achieve 350 million yuan to mix respectively with net 2009 gain 2008 at the same time 600 million yuan of above. And according to ZhongGuanCun of standing vice-president Wang Jun predict, after infuse of the asset that finish, zhongGuanCun will achieve 450 million yuan to mix respectively with net 2009 gain 2008 700 million yuan of above. Calculate accordingly, zhongGuanCun will part to mix 0.364 yuan for 0.234 yuan with every accrual 2009 2008, with its the last trade of day share price computation, zhongGuanCun today bright city of two years is filled with rate general to be respectively 62 times with 40 times.

"After grail steeps fall, at present real estate appears on the market the mean city of the company is filled with rate namely 20 times the left and right sides, compare with this, the share price with current ZhongGuanCun is apparent some are expensive. " Wang Shujuan expresses, look in her, unless somebody is acclaimed intentionally, otherwise the ZhongGuanCun of answer card escapes hard now dropping destiny.

The *ST that stops a card to undertake asset recombines at the same time almost with ZhongGuanCun boasts China (600716, Prices, Information, Brunt buying and selling) it is a precedent it seems that. This company will stop a card on September 24 last year, will announce the *ST of infuse of assets of phoenix buy estate 1.532 billion yuan boasts on May 5 this year China, but company answer card has appeared 2 days two drop stop.

Wang Jun expresses to this, this the landed project of infuse is in early days and development construction mostly at present period, profit basically will be reflected henceforth a few years, the abidance that accompanies capital reachs the scroll of the project to develop circularly, the future of ZhongGuanCun lasts business ability is stronger, recombine after finishing, zhongGuanCun management layer will try hard to create more profit, strive to be in 2010 around, the accomplishment actor company that grows to grow for a high speed.
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