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Others sustains losses in business earn plute of cry out Hong Kong to copy base
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Hong Kong plute is to be expert in making money as expected. Nearly two months come, guo Bingxiang's 3 brother, Li Zhaoji, Li Jiacheng is added into city in succession hold oneself share, little imagine, establishing good market image while, the Zhang side gain of a few plute has exceeded 88 million HK dollar. Others is to sustain losses in business earn cry out, "Li Zhaoji people " it is " gain both honor and money " .

According to " daily economy news " statistic, will begin on March 11 from this year, guo Bingxiang's 3 brother ever were added 5 degrees into city manage Xin Hongji real estate (00016, HK) . Add recently holding is on May 2, 3 brother buy real estate of 50 thousand Xinhong radical with every 140.58 HK dollar. So far, 3 brother buy Guo to produce share into base of 1.845 million new letter in all since March, involve fund 216 million HK dollar, average every evaluate 117.14 HK dollar. Xin Hongji is landed yesterday closing quotation price 138 HK dollar, guo gain of side of 3 brother Zhang 38.49 million HK dollar, every accrual 17.8% .

Be worth what carry is, guo 3 brother Ceng Yu on March 20, add with the evaluate of every 109.433 HK dollar managed real estate of 300 thousand Xin Hongji, come to what new letter base produces to walk along situation proof after that, xin Hongji share price was last year that day the minimum price since September, the opportunity entering town of Guo brother holds wonderfully really.

It is stock of the oneself that copy a copy likewise, "Asia god " Li Zhaoji's operation is very successful also. Will come on April 2 during April 14, li Zhaoji is divided second buy in all base of 15.27 million constant is produced (00012, HK) share, employ capital to restrain 882 million HK dollar, average every evaluate 57.78 HK dollar. With constant radical real estate 60.35 HK dollar calculate closing quotation value yesterday, the gain of side of Li Zhaoji Zhang that comes to first degrees 3 years add the base that hold constant to produce into city also has 39.24 million HK dollar.

As to " preterhuman " Li Jiacheng appears relatively a bit more conservative. Add 4 times since April 11 in holding, li Jiacheng buys line of business of 1.431 million long Jiang Shi in all (00001, HK) , involve fund 166 million HK dollar, every average evaluate 115.72 HK dollar. The Yangtse River is industrial receive a reply yesterday 123.2 HK dollar, zhang side gain 10.7 million HK dollar.

Look nowadays, these Hong Kong are big fellow people each is " god " , to share price is forecasted bottomly also not Xiang Baizhong. This also reminds us these are common investor, appear on the market how is the company still company him boss after all the clearest, might as well advertent these plute people the every act on 2 class market, can take valuable investment cue probably.