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7 wolves " change blast " : Break out of an encirclement of Zhou Shaoxiong origi
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A relatively satisfactory annals, brand-new international stylist brand. But 7 wolves are industrial Inc. (002029, Prices, Information, Brunt buying and selling) president Zhou Shaoxiong still " accurate " .

Suffer market environment effect, the share price of 7 wolves all the time Pai 佪 is in add offer division line under; Additional, just will release newest data to show on March 27, the interest that is advance river brand together bully with the title that 1 billion yuan sale won jacket sale championship 2007.

"7 wolves " although card jacket is already successive 8 years (2000-2007 year) list congener product market to be had integratedly lead the first, but the gap that be not worth the sale of 900 million or shows a both.

2008, olympic Games economy lies fallow further stimulative movement the dilate of kind of brand. 7 wolves cost is close 1 billion, make in countrywide each district " life house " in succession mount a horse while, international stylist brand is compared to be by Zhou Shaoxiong " deploy of on 7 wolves phylogeny major strategy. International stylist brand is compared to be by Zhou Shaoxiong " deploy of on 7 wolves phylogeny major strategy..

Change blast

The predecessor of 7 wolves is a small company that the name is plant of technology of dress of countryside of live abroad of service of well of Jin Jiang gold. From begin to do some of small business that buys material only, the open after arriving a few years clothing factory.

In June 1990, generation product of company appears on the market, after getting the market admits, the company begins to guide from 1995 concessionary management concept, development chain is monopolistic, the network pervades the whole nation, built a normative sale system. Joint-stock company held water 2000, "7 wolves " card jacket first list congener product market to be had integratedly lead the first.

2004, the ten million on the long 7 wolves cost that brewed 4 years yuan appear on the market successfully. Let at the same time also its become the Fujian Province first clothing company appears on the market company.

Collect capital 186 million yuan, 7 wolves also begin to deliver energy build to brand and channel. Be in early actually before appearing on the market, the company is considering the development on trade of past garment retail trade, sale.

7 wolves stand fast all the time " channel is king " , the management that the whole nation develops is politic. "7 wolves are not willing to become a the biggest dress to create a company, and should become China the biggest clothing is retail with wholesale business. " Zhou Shaoxiong expresses.

On March 29, 7 years of annual report that the company just publishs show, the company comes true advocate business Wu income 876 million yuan, net profit 88.7 million yuan, grow 79.6 compared to the same period respectively % and 77.2 % . Additional, company shop amount maintains high speed growth, annual increases storefront net specified number newly 519, gross achieves 1976, among them the agent increases 502 the home, self-supporting inn increases 17. The high speed growth of shop amount urges a company directly advocate battalion income grows quickly.
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