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Lang Lang of brand of culture of a world-class be born
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2007 Forbes " Chinese celebrity a list of names posted up 100 " go up, year of income of young pianist Lang Lang it is 150 million yuan, be next to Yao Ming, rank first of literary group public figure. It is course of study with the classical music of highbrow art and literature, income can exceed star of numerous people recreation and sports star however, make a person be surprised really. But in light of figure of the media exposure rate from Lang Lang, individual and career progress posture, he built the individual brand of industry of a culture successfully, become a world-class star of classical music, his current income just is opposite the objective report of this brand is partial report even.

Brand fixed position reachs his to travel

The parent in developed country and burgeoning developing country is exceeding those who value musical education today, classical music becomes gain ground more and more, piano executant is like as numerous as the sands of the Ganges, craft is preeminent person also be absent a few. Although Chinese music history on delicacy has the pianist that is famous in the world, but Chinese musical instrument child the amount already was amounted to 30 million (basically learn piano for the most part among them) , and with man Lang Tongling and the young pianist that craft is about the same has the Li Yundi, person such as old Sa, the brethren competitor that Lang Lang faces already a lot of, become famous plus young Cai Junhe of the whole world Great Master, want to build the individual brand of a pianist in group of world classical music, want to have exact fixed position to oneself above all.

Theory learns in sale in, the key of fixed position depends on modelling those who go out to differ with competitor, give a person bright impressional individual character or figure, pass combination of a sale to deliver this kind of form racily to the client, make ground of firmly of this kind of figure holds the client's intelligence. In a word, open oneself and competitor distinction namely come, make the client is known and admire this differentia different. Lang Lang is an enthusiasm, affinity to the fixed position of him individual brand strength of strong, rich dramatic show and appeal, have excellent skill and dazzle technical ability the force, budding clique that dares to challenge the limit world Le Tan's superstar. The make public individual character that the main difference of he and competitor is him, vigorous performance is about to mix extremely sweeping performance music order. For embedded in philharmonic memory this kind of impression, he and his father used the sale step with one strong a complete set of not self-consciously to have transmission, achieved the goal that integrated sale transmits. In the process that locates in aggrandizement individual brand, the product that they take, channel and transmission method produced a kind of powerful resultant force, make the heart of consumer of brand position development medium step by step.
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