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Shi Yuzhu: Adventurer lives
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The truth is concealed in dazzling false appearance sometimes.

10 years ago, can believe without the person he is met stage a comeback. Down to, crouch when the person goes the office of building sky like an earthworm when him, be willing to disturb him without the person. In the gloomiest day, the person that wants debt forced him God does not have the road, condition that does not have the door into the ground. Force urgent, he gives off a word: "Each minutes of money that I owe, I can return you. And beneficial still interest. " this word nature became the most popular at that time classical joke.

Somebody is fatidical: If this fellow can pay off 1 this many (saying is 250 million yuan) debt, china has realized communism.

10 years of a snap of the fingers and over- .

Crouch in the bankrupt of the office like the earthworm in those days, shake now as China most actual strength net swims the boss of the company. He paid off all debt not only, and hopeless situation of home of course of study of the state-owend enterprise in still was being become meets deathtrap of unripe, park and the model that has again. About the his experience, story about him, version about him, each person has him heart unscramble. But a bit can affirm, in future very a paragraph long inside period, this person rises and fall the management life of ups and downs, will be one of the the most classical, most dazzing case in Chinese commerce teaching material.

This, it is legend life of Shi Yuzhu.

Unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease sends column of ace history jade

Wei of Liu of 2 female strong people is accepting giant when media interviews, laugh say: "Should go Shi Yuzhu's rash advance time pull. " actually, the unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader of this word is: This person nature changes hard. Life does not cease, adventure is more than.

The fact also is such, act in the ante that Shi Yuzhu takes a risk in some kind all the time commentate oneself business sea career. If do not have a gang such as Liu Wei old will help stepping on brake, the adventurer that a lot of strange whim perhaps are full of in this brain gets giant network turn from side to side already ulterly changed.

1962, shi Yuzhu is born in Anhui Huai Yuan. Undergraduate course was graduated from department of Zhejiang university maths 1984, was destined to be comprehended transcendentally of word of this entrepreneur logarithm in the future with acumen. In January 1989, history be graduated from Shenzhen university soft science to manage with graduate student identity is, because had this sth used to one's own advantage,be, just make no matter his industry is the computer desktop software of original development, still be the cerebral platinum that rolls out later, and now limelight strong giant network, the thing that taking certain technology forward position is inside.

If say, an edifice from original 38 designs plan, next, pile up like the child an one layer ground is added like wood, when be being added finally to 70 when dare not look up at even oneself, such insanity has Shi Yuzhu to just want to reach only probably, also have him only such talent is done get! After the event also confirm this, the design the edifice is added from 38 go to 70 high, this one record is in China the unique on building history, up to now still nobody are broken.
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