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Cover the exam paper of Niu Xinshuai Yang Wenjun
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Yang Wenjun, one each says is to become the milk, entrepreneur that sells milk merely.

Yang Wenjun says, the profession that oneself like most becomes worker of industry of a milk namely, namely " sell milk " .

The Yang Wenjun that has accepted president position from bovine root greener professes where is to do milk, sell milk, but this milk business does too greatly really: Battalion of unconscious 2007 ox receives 20 billion yuan. Any stops enterprise run the leader that accomplishs 20 billion yuan enterprise and him, completely qualified position is occupied in the person money a list of names posted up of our newspaper. And the target according to ox of unconscious ox world, this 20 billion also be a start only.

- resume

In Feburary 2006 up to now, cheat bovine group president;

The end of the year was chosen to be 2006 " CCTV year 3 redneck content " .

"The government resolves the big question of the national economy and the people's livelihood a certain number of small unit, divide us again go solving on every company head. Build a house for instance, that with respect to deal out 10 thousand divisions; Build a car, with respect to deal out brand of our country people is auspicious; With computer, that lets us 1.3 billion Chinese goes ' associate ' ... how does milk do, want to go presumably, then with respect to Rangneimenggumeng the ox makes green, the milk of high quality, then we assumed this responsibility come down. " on April 29, meng Niu, auspicious, 10 thousand divisions, associate wait for 25 " China most suffer respectable business to choose prize-giving celebration " in Beijing University hundred years big lecture room is held ceremoniously, yang Wenjun did not break humorous ground to make feel so character.

Always with " milk missionary " the Yang Wenjun that appearance shows a person, its humorous and humorous language also is won for oneself " milk gentleman " byname, when the honored guest is become on the rich Ao forum last year, he takes Chinese football to do " Le Zi " say: "During the world cup, enter a world cup last decisive battle 4 strong, no matter be Germany, law,the country is average per capita drinkable milk of 300 kilograms of above. " full-court explodes laugh. "Chinese football goes for a long time not to go out, walked out of the root section that went also going not far to be found at long last. Walked out of the root section that went also going not far to be found at long last..

Famous pianist Kong Xiangdong has squeezed a body to come, strong Yang Wenjun says for fun: "Meng Niu's advertisement can change -- ' the child that drinks milk can play musical instrument ' . " Yang Wenjun actually the in sad earnest receives on say: "Really such, because drink the person of milk to show joint development must have been compared, flexibility has met key-press strength to go up a lot of. Flexibility has met key-press strength to go up a lot of..

On the forum of rich a huge legendary turtle this year, yang Wenjun still continues his " milk consumes transmission " : "The milk that if be present,everybody drinks is little, the ox on prairie of that our Inner Mongolia is met hold back is mad, become mad ox, this not green. This not green..
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