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Old cursor charity is a kind gratified
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"Mark elder brother " , it is a netizen the appellation of mark of Chen Guang of president of group of investment of yellow to Jiangsu Bu, netizens judge him the entrepreneur that touchs China most for epicenter of earth of plain of this short of Wenshui River

On May 14, 2008, after earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River the 2nd day, the relieve the people in stricken area of a business that visits business association organization in Jiangsu donates ceremonially, jiangsu province charity always is met vice-chairman, Jiangsu saves Red Cross vice-chairman, 2008 year mark of Chen Guang of Chinese head be apt to unexpectedly unexpectedly absent...

Time go back arrives on May 12 14:30, shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River only after dichotomy bell, in the office building that invests a group in Jiangsu yellow Bu, the board of directors that should holding originally temporarily instead is aseismatic provide disaster relief urgent deploy is met, old cursor is locking up brows one by one closely to seek trustee people opinion, "I should carry project machine to disaster area, do you have an opinion? " although be to ask sentence, but mood is being appeared however determined. Partner people one character was not sent, say with its they are to acquiesce, be inferior to saying they are to be full of doubtful point, just nobody response comes over to should ask Chen Guang mark at that time: "Such doing go? "Such doing go??

At the moment, partner people have not cross a god to come from the delay in the seismic information that just gets, do not know what to should say, more do not know what to should do.

After half hour, listen only " everybody is put on confuse colour to take, wear the Red Cross meeting mark, drive immediately go to Sichuan earthquake disaster area! " old cursor make fall, many 100 staff of company and should carry originally the 60 projects machine toward China north is complete transfer direction, sail to Sichuan, group of investment of Jiangsu yellow Bu comes to help the first times team with respect to such dying go into battle.

On May 13, old cursor leads two assistant to come to help at ahead arrive before the team Jiang Yan. He right now is an entrepreneur no longer, the general affairs of the company is handed in entirely do by other administrator, old cursor present identity is Red Cross rescuer. In the time that produces 36 hours after to 47 hours in the earthquake, the commando of rush to deal with an emergency that old cursor organizes arrives at the Chengdu City group by group, provide disaster relief into the civilian mechanization that reachs seismic disaster area for first team, arrive at an earthquake to weigh disaster area at the same time with army almost, the job is rescued to see a pressing need after 60 mechanical equipment are the shake that lacks heavy equipment.

Old cursor and his rescuing team, advance all the way, come to help all the way, this world of De Yang, continous, north plain, because road of plain of short of Wenshui River is marred serious, they must not be in ceaselessly boreal plain, boreal plain makes a person most the north of anxious plain middle school, old cursor faces the school tear that suffer misery to stay be full of, he resembles mad help a person desperately euqally, "One minute does not want to stop, stop to feel ashamed is right victim, want to cry. Want to cry..
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