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The first profession of Chinese handler Tang Jun
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He is called " the first profession of Chinese handler " ; He is in Microsoft 10 years, be in royal 4 years; Now, with 1 billion days of price " turn meeting " little known new China --

Tang Jun: Head rich founder?

" Chinese economy weekly " Sun Bing of reporter Huang Lezhen / Beijing report

It is a fervent spring, to " the first profession of Chinese handler " Tang Jun, come a few later it seems that.

4 years ago on Feburary 9, 2004, tang Jun is taking the only on Microsoft history " lifelong and honorary president " royal network of high-key and airborne Shanghai develops halo limited company (next weighing " royal " , NASDAQ:SNDA) , take up the post of a president, from this, left of Microsoft " passion 10 years " , open royal " transition 4 years " .

Just at the beginning, hearsay had not been broken, tang Jun should leave royal. On April 15, hearsay becomes reality, tang Jun holds a press conference in Beijing and announce formally, will take up the post of new Huadouji with the day price of 1 billion round company president holds CEO concurrently. In the meantime, tang Jun also becomes royal CEO adviser and retain the title of company director.

And on April 13, beijing restaurant, tang Jun is in " Chinese economy weekly " confirmed its hold a post when exclusive special interview new trend: "I hope round make it is in a new Huadouji in enterprise of Chinese civilian battalion before 10 big " , "Also hope oneself become a rich founder. " right now, the reporter also got Tang Jun the 3rd day again (on April 15) will take up the post of new Huadouji the first piece of calling card that round company president holds CEO concurrently. And on Feburary 8, 2004, tang Jun takes up the post of the first piece of calling card of royal president to also be obtained by the reporter.

New China more exciting

The begin of the special interview and 4 years ago same, still be direct.

"Answer to a riddle is opened today, it is new China group. " Tang Jun says. "Strange not at all. "Strange not at all..

The hearsay of the in the bookshops before this has more than 10 version, but almost everybody did not think of to be met finally is the civilian battalion enterprise in industry of all of one handed down from the older generations of the family. Tang Jun this jumps, result really special unexpected.

But actually, tang Jun is accepted before 4 years " Chinese economy weekly " when interviewing, once had expressed, he can turn to traditional industry in the future, because of him " the complex that has a traditional industry all the time " .

"Tell on old way, I won't choose to do poineering work, I still should do professional husband. Specific, I do not want to do and have the company that competition concerns grandly. " the choice that Tang Jun explains him so, "If be absent Internet inside this circle, my choice range is not big. My choice range is not big..
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