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Ma Junkun is missed, do not let off
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Act in a way that defeats one's purpose, will be on May 12 that day, the doing of Ma Junkun's president, sharp shake move lets him think the earthquake sends area Yunnan more by accident is an epicenter, so ground of his feeling terribly hot flies to Yunnan, after knowing truth when him, missed inevitably in the likelihood that is driven toward disaster area for a short while, but next, his doing is unexpected however, and moving heart soul

Earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River happens that day, ma Junkun of president of male wind group just handles affairs in Chengdu. Although he ever also kissed all previous to cross big earthquake a few times before this, for example when beautiful river earthquake produced 7 class violent temblor 1996, he is in Dali, but this shake, let Ma Junkun feel unprecedented dreariness however. "I never had been experienced so serious, so bloodcurdling earthquake. " since after-thought he and companions were that day inside the room the day that feels shakes quake, ma Junkun still one's heart still fluttering with fear, luckily, they developed a gate in time.

After seismic happening, the first reaction of everybody is contacted with family namely, but mar as a result of communication establishment serious, ma Junkun and work in the same placing everybody is contacted on the family south Yuan Zaiyun. "I suspect at that time, the epicenter may be in Yunnan, because our Yunnan is an earthquake,send an area more. " Ma Junkun wants to jump over concern more, if Sichuan feels so intense, in the home there can more serious? Accordingly, his heart thought should come home see a dear one safe.

In an ado, ma Junkun and a few companions are driven go to the airport. On May 12 late night, the Chengdu that suffers seismic influence to be shut for a time double shed the airport to restore to move. Right now, communication contact of place still did not restore, ma Junkun did not add thinking, ascended with companions fly the regular air service that attends Kunming. Till right now, he still does not know, right focus is the short of Wenshui River that is apart from Chengdu to make an appointment with 200 kilometers plain. And when he has an opportunity to return Sichuan again, had been after 10 days.

Send medicine to disaster area

Male wind group is the well-known company of Kunming, president Ma Junkun is local man of the time more. Because love a car, he devotes into course of study of steam cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, the male wind group that he founds the privately owned that nowadays already is Yunnan province 100 strong companies. In the meantime, because love racing car, he ever led world of rally of China of go on an expedition of motorcade of red river pulling force, Asia-Pacific, 5 degrees receive in glory countrywide year total champion, because this is called again " Yunnan racing bicycle is patristic " . Ceng Can has added the Ma Junkun of domestic and international contest countless times, no matter face how complex road besides, always can depend on outstanding trick-cycling to pass all the way close behead general, final turn danger into safety. However, on the road of life, when is the curved line with can expect the most dangerous without the person appearing. The experience May 12, 2008, it is him undoubtedly in life most adventruous take a sudden turn.
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