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Jackie Pankaofusiji does poineering work China
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He created miracle of a commerce in China with time of 15 years, the company that he established himself in China not only -- inferior new division technology limited company, still make the company becomes the lead company of Chinese a person of same business. At present inferior the sale of new division already was achieved annual 500 million dollar

Is this a fun? One does not know Chinese, not very the foreigner of local customs of know clearly China, be in China without relatives and friends already, more do not talk to go up have what person arteries and veins, dare do poineering work in China unexpectedly?

"Move toward the Great Wall directly from wall street, resemble me such experience is rare really " , jackie Pankaofusiji is being accepted " Chinese new era " say when the special interview, "When I decide to establish a company in China, understand my think of a way without the person almost, do they think I am mad even? Below the sort of circumstance, I have two choices only: What or believes others is dissuasive, abandon this idea; Or believes his judgement, the belief that holds to oneself " . Did not hesitate, base band wears Jackie Pankaofusi a sturdy belief and the dream that do poineering work came to China.

Nowadays, time of 15 years went. He created miracle of a commerce with time of 15 years, he is built in Beijing not only rose inferior new division technology limited company, still let this company become what in China its belong to the lead company inside the domain. At present year of sale of the company had reached 500 million dollar, and Jackie Pankaofusiji also ascends accordingly personally the cavalcade at world famous entrepreneur. On the global commerce forum that holds in Australia, he regards a speech as the honored guest, with the president before the United States the · that compare Er overcomes Lin Du to compare a shoulder and sit. On the commercial forum with famous whole world, his poineering legend that is asked to tell about him to be in China everywhere, impart the passes a person to be in business wisdom of he and dragon.

Senior investor

Before coming to China, jackie Pankaofusiji worked in the general benefit firm of wall street fast 20 year.

1973, the applies for this company investment bank department that the Jackie Pankaofusiji that just graduated from haing Buddha business school passes general benefit company smoothly works. That year, general benefit firm enrolled two MBA graduate in all, and Jackie Pankaofusiji is among them one of.

1982, the first time that already received him profession career in the Jackie that Pu Hui works nearly 10 years is advanced and rising. Department of general benefit estate and competitor photograph are compared at that time be in inferior position position, the company decides promotion turns round this one situation as soon as possible, then Jackie loads pitch on this one mission. This is a not small challenge to Jackie.

"To real estate Wu, I do not have what experience, and there is a stuff only in the branch at that time. Then draw over of my try every means the person of a batch of know a thing or two undertakes the branch rebuilds to be adjusted with business " , used time of two years only, jackie handed over the exam paper of surprise of board of directors of a your company, the estate facilities ministry that he is in charge of year 40% what income occupies Pu Hui to throw industry Wu amount. Ever since, outstanding gram goes for many times fragile business section of Pu Hui is responsible " fire fighting " .
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