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Onion " additional kind live (1)
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" onion " additional kind live (1)

" V-MARKETING successful sale " on June 29, 2008 author: Chen Jie

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This is additional kind and the American newspaper of the mainstream, moving toward in paper industry downfallen today, it expanded employee number at least one times 2008, and in cross media platform to develop a field unwilling also give the impression of weakness. After all " onion " how be to write this one " hind newspaper " the myth of the times?

A day of 1988, the division of • of Mu of the base of a fruit of 3 grade student of university of American power Si Kangxing is overcome (Tim Keck) borrowed 7000 dollars to the mother, rent an apple computer, published a newspaper of 12 edition. Newspaper names " The Onion " (" onion " ) . Earn fast money in order to put an advertisement only after to run a newspaper the Coke of the target is establishing one year, sell the editor when times paper Scot paper with 19 thousand dollar • Dick this (Scott Dikkers) , he wants to be less than absolutely, dick this come down the style reservation with this newspaper acid humour to erupt simultaneously Yang Guang is big. After 20 years, it is become very quickly unexpectedly " hind newspaper " the case of success signing up for course of study with very rare times. Interesting is, although " onion " reputation day is filled nowadays, but never pursue Coke really this kind with " sell ad " be original intention " run a newspaper principle " . Before the mysterious veil that opens this newspaper, we read its report first. According to Verified Audit company the bottom is newest 2007 statistic, this newspaper prints edition in complete beauty 10 main cities are issued, its weekly circulation is 710 thousand, than the United States the 9th big daily paper " Denver Post " (Denver Post) is even much give 6000. Weekly audience is the broadcast syndicate below paper division 1 million, still rolled out service of online video content since last year. Moving toward in paper industry downfallen today, " onion " the plan is employee 2008 the number enlarges at least one times. "Malapropos " Mi Ersi of • of newspaper Xi En (Sean Mills) is " onion " currently hold the post ofa president. He is to the view of this matter: "I think you can say for ' malapropos ' . We are in the prosperity in this time is an interesting thing really. The circulation of newspaper is in growth, we also reach other in content everything can offer ad advocate ground of formal respect bold and resolute is improved. " Miersi says, "Malapropos " it is reasonable, because from property for, " onion " not be an earnest newspaper even, it from establish up to now, be located in acid tab surely from beginning to end. Its are the mainest the feature is as follows: One, publish what be not a fact in great quantities, pure belong to made-up story - earn a reader to laugh continuously; 2, although report is a fact, it can assure, the caption of the article is tremendous font, language certainly not breathtaking a word that absolutelies refuse to to rest. is a such peculiar tab unluckily, obtained let most and earnest newspaper admire evil spirit successful. Subscription " successful sale " the reader that clicks Http:// home please may be right " onion " this name still feels not familiar. But with below this method, with respect to the consequence that can know it is in western world. In the search casing of Google, input " Onion " , the first skips the result that come out is certainly -- " onion " official website; And input " The " be over this almost in English the article with devoid most common however sense, the search of the first page also has TheOnion actually in the result! Nevertheless, if you are inputted in Google then " optimal newspaper " a few words, you cannot be found for certain " onion " name, it also is not gone after lineal alleged " optimal " . Now, newspaper of almost all and traditional United States is in wild land to change one's appearance the inheritance of news sex, newspaper sex, undertake namely so called " newspaper diversification " , for instance to cater to instantly tide, newspaper also adds the expert cookbook that bedroom adornment, him reader refers hard to wait for edition piece, perhaps make an editor active offer the program that responds to reader interlocution in guest of the rich on the net. " onion " do exactly the opposite however. Dick this the group includes ten ten full-time editor, part-time job reporters, woof is comprised even if a comedy makes a group. In arrive from 1989 2000 (the newspaper office left a few years after him) between 10 one's remaining years, dick this it is to the consummate principle of newspaper check and approve, must have " not awful " honest. And, all reports, what should spend kongfu to do most is caption. In Dick this pour pyramid theory to fall, , piece reportorial headline is the mainest, it is not important to be jumped over downward more, " onion " the condition that develops the importance of news caption to extremely. " onion " the style of caption is the heart after assuring to let a person look absolutely in afflictive. "Christian enters abortive clinic to kill two people, injury 7 people " , " the homosexual parades your mainstream society is opposite greatly the acceptance of homosexual idea degree goes backwards 50 years " , do not think the caption of such is to convey some kind of politics of newspaper to advocate please. They have an objective only: Expression must be jumped over not implicative, scold so that had jumped over racily more. " onion " the innovation that returns respects of pair of sortie science and technology is very careful. It publishs only almost news, do not go beg reader writes a few nets to judge to every article, do not let a reader make component, also live without everything kind of column. Its successful much should be attributed to his any low technology content, newspaper can accomplish however a when rare however person goes trying idiosyncratic: Candid, contempt is authoritative, need for the report even, prepare affront to report a target at any time. Understanding more is clicked please win sell website Dick this teach what the press that come out watchs to overturn to traditional news institute the concept is, about if build a constituency group, dick this think, "People is commercialized to present media and do not have good impression, such media often can color report, " onion " do not come to this one. We do not color, we are acid. But although the story is we make up,come out, if inside the origin that does not have real life, the reader also won't laugh at phonate. Most extreme satirize is, a lot of people trust only now " onion " story. " (in an investigation of American Pew Research Center, suffer the person that visit will " onion " the report is judged for the news source that can count most. )   anyhow, " onion " basically sell a dot to come from an approximately cranky editor view: The face is red after even if be the most cynical person looked,the story should let those, "We are not afraid of affront who. " Dick this say. " onion " often be censured to be the news with too negative compose, report a bad news only, too persistent the one side that makes a person depressed in the life. " onion " express however, just of this kind of idea is wrong. The doing that is those mainstream press implied the distrust to the world, because hide the bad news, mean them not to believe human nature is good-tempered with positive one side. Dick this think, the disastrous event that most media produces to world each district often makes the report of perfunctory sex only, this is great weakened the tragic content with naked itself of this kind of incident. For example " 15 thousand brown ethnic group are gone " this kind of caption is done intentionally so that have nothing to do difficulties, result from award of news of general benefit plan to be able to send attention the script of street beggar not quite probably. But " onion " can guard a pass the caption make it at beggar article: "People often decides very hard is this biscuit gives homeless person, still give a duck " . The defend conventional moral principles of a few alleged journalism person people the enemy that inspects humour to be gravity: The tone of press flows at speaking absolutely no good! But " onion " , additionally two more more radical than its manner even newspaper " The Daily Show " and " The Colbert Report " observing respect of instantly incident and reportorial news, be inferior to those really with gravity is celebrated newspapers rigorous? In the past in a few years, a few investigation that Pew Research Center and Annenberg Public Policy Center launch jointly discover, " The Daily Show " and " The Colbert Report " the reader is the United States' most experienced and knowledgeable reader group. That is to say, the readers with American the most well-informed message just like to speak easily probably those who surpass those big news networks to put on a stern expression is homiletic. These investigation make clear at least, the paper that article style has acid stroke more can not reduce intellectual level of the reader. Rather, newspaper suspects all pen square and their reader thinks a habit to happen to have the same view this kind. Subscription " successful sale " click Http:// clearly please, will reader and " onion " those who contact together, it is newspaper is planted in this " fun " the quality of backside. Just of this kind of quality and " fun " have nothing to do, it is a very honest journal. Majority occupies the newspapers of forestall sex in the area, often can be in energy centrally not affront reader or advertisement advocate on, and the observation that how reports pair of worlds, appear to be not valued so. " onion " suspicion and irreverent manner put in to its advertisement sometimes have certain effect, but on the other hand, it is the immediate cause that circulation grows day and day however. Other newspaper is in ground of reverent and respectful cite celebrity, cite the former word that all people say, and " onion " not.
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