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[Sichuan dish]- - fish of pickled Chinese cabbage
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Dish name] [Sichuan dish]- - fish of pickled Chinese cabbage

[raw material]

Grass carp 600 grams, bubble pickled Chinese cabbage chili of 100 grams bubble 25 grams, bubble young ginger, chopped green onion each 15 grams, chinese prickly ash 3 grams, garlic 5 grams, refined salt 4 grams, cooking wine 10 grams broth 500 grams, cooked food is oily 500 grams.

[the process that make]

piscine two sides each cut 3 minutes, wipe or dab to sop up liquid of pickled Chinese cabbage does moisture, cut filament, bubble chili chop, bubble ginger cuts bead; On medium baking temperature of the buy that fry pan, next ripe rape oil are burned to 6 into heat, put the fish out when piscine flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil shows yellow; Oil takes inside boiler, put bubble chili, ginger, chopped green onion, again mix into enters broth, put the fish boiling water inside. Move to go up to small fire after soup boil, put bubble pickled Chinese cabbage, burn about 10 minutes, fill dish. Vinegar is joined inside boiler.


Dish of Sichuan the daily life of a family. Give priority to with bright grass carp makings, deserve to be boiled with Sichuan pickle make and become. Although this dish is dish of Sichuan folk the daily life of a family, but circulate very wide. The flesh that become dish pledges delicate