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Soup of Qing Xinrun lung
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The method that make:

Advocate makings: Sword of lily of bamboo of jade of jujube of bone of arhat fruit pig is beautiful

Complementary makings: Laojiang salt

Soup makings: Arhat fruit 1 (10 grams) red jujube 2 (20 grams) Yu Zhu 20 grams candied date or jujube 4 (40 grams) lily 10 grams Na Xing 10 Ke Jianhua 30 grams

Raw material: 300 grams pig knows antrum character backbone 200 grams old ginger rinses 1 piece 1 teaspoon of 200ml salt (5 grams)


1) ginger flay is abluent. Connect antrum bone and pig backbone abluent, connect the pig backbone to cut those who make an appointment with 2 centimeters is small again.

2) water is entered in boiler, after conflagration boils water, connect backbone scald to iron into antrum bone and pig, boil to the fish out after becoming angry, the rinse out that use water surplus end. Expect soup bathe is clean again.

3) will connect backbone piece to pour soup Bao to only antrum character and pig, one-time join full amount to rinse (about 2000 milliliter) .

4) after water leaves, cast aside with ladle go surplus end, put take a surname that come loose a bit with the knife, enter soup makings, the cap on the lid, turn small fire Bao involves fire after 2 hours, before drinking, transfer into salt can.

Super 啰 Suo:

** the soup of soup of this Qing Xinrun lung expects, all is OK in Chinese traditional medicine inn is bought. But I suggest you go to a supermarket buying red jujube and lily, quality is better, the choice is more also.

** need not antrum bone, also can come with half chicken Bao, the result is same.

** this Shang Zhong, we are made in Bao when, put a pig to tell backbone pork, 1 it is for the flavour of soup more delicious, 2 be, backbone is connected into thin pig in Bao Shang Shifang, the impurity of OK and adsorptive Shang Zhong, also make soup becomes very clear, sell look may as well to look.

** Bao soup, should one-time enter clear water, midway does not add cold water again, meet otherwise the little taste of diluent soup. If must be added, also want to add boiled water without fail.

** normally Bao flesh kind or chop, chicken, duck does the boiling water of raw material, want the clear water that enters, it is normal temperature cold water, yield soup and raw material one case be heated. But Bao fish soup, after be over piscine fry in shallow oil, want boiled water, after oil letting water is sufficient and shirt-sleeve, yu Shangcai is white.

Taste of ** this soup is small sweet, the taste that suits a woman possibly more is breathed out.

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