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Green pepper fish works
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The method that make:

Advocate makings: Green pepper fish is dry

Complementary makings: The head of garlic

Material: The fish works, small green pepper, the head of garlic.


Small fish immerses ten minutes in dry preexistence cold water, such frying come out ability won't be too strong.

Green pepper cuts strip figure, section of the head of garlic.

Measure one: Oily boiler burns heat, put garlic first piece, explode sweet, put green pepper again, break up together fry moment,

Measure 2: Join a fish to work right now, with green pepper garlic piece fry together.

Measure 3: Conflagration breaks up fry 5 minutes or so, add right amount refined salt, a few is unripe smoke, fine of a few chicken is imposed when giving boiler, can.