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Banana class halberd
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The method that make:

Advocate makings: Banana, flour,

Complementary makings: Milk, yoke, candy, weak butter

Raw material: Milk, flour, yoke, candy, banana, butter Practice 1, right amount sugar is put in flour, yoke agitate divide evenly, enter right amount milk again, agitate divide evenly, pass with mesh, such panada are more slender. 2, banana flay, cut four, butter adds candy to dismiss put freezer stand-by 3, boiler burns heat, put a few oil, again the oil with redundant teem, paper towel brushs divide evenly boiler, right amount panada falls into boiler, simmer in water of rotational boiler small fire is taken out into chip put cool 4, face piece put cream is put on face plate, banana roll into roll can Finished product