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Jin Sha shrimp
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The method that make:

Advocate makings: Shrimp, salty egg

Complementary makings: Scamper pink, bovine oil a few, saline a few, ripe sesame seed

Raw material: Shrimp, yoke two, scamper pink, bovine oil a few, saline a few, ripe sesame seed Practice: 1, shrimp hull, take remaining part, go in back equalize knife with the knife shrimp line, the back of a knife blade dabs shrimp flesh two, give birth to pink with a few, ginger, pepper, salt, sesame oil bloats flavour half hours. Cooking wine can add a few cooking wine, the cooking wine in my home gave out. 2, scamper pink adds divide evenly of clear water agitate, add a few salt, oil mixes again divide evenly puts freezer to freeze a little while a bit, can see the specification of scamper pink. 3, salty egg takes salty yoke, bite with microwave oven ripe, probably in Gao Huo bit one minute, next the escape unpunished with bit finer reoccupy is lying between crunch worry unnecessarily stand-by. 4, much oil is put in boiler, burn heat, shrimp touchs clear thick liquid blast of many a the boiler that put oil is fragile, farewell boiler blast oil of fish out drop is stand-by 5, boiler burns heat, small fire puts oil of a small ox to dissolve, pour salty yoke to fry to again bubbly, put the shrimp with good blast next, time fry even, try flavour, put a few salt right amountly, asperse ripe sesame seed can. Finished product