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Chicken of Bao of lotus lotus root
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The method that make:

Advocate makings: Lotus lotus root, chicken

Complementary makings: The root of straight ladybell, yu Zhu, ginger, salt

Raw material: Chicken half, gallinaceous framework, gallinaceous foot 4, lotus lotus root, the root of straight ladybell, yu Zhu, jiang San piece, salt, gallinaceous pink Practice: 1, gallinaceous behead chunk, gallinaceous foot is washed with saline rub, flay of lotus lotus root, cut paragraph, take chunk again, the root of straight ladybell, bleb of jade Zhu Yongqing is soft, ginger section · 2, clear water is added in boiler, chicken flying water, again clear bath is clean, the root of straight ladybell, bath of jade Zhu Yefei is clean 3, right amount clear water is put in earthenware pot, burn heat, use entirely makings put earthenware pot in, after big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn small fire Bao 2 hours, with salt, gallinaceous pink flavors can. Finished product