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High grade food grains other than wheat and rice -- earthnut
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Earthnut is a flower after falling, beautiful bine bores fruit of the Yo in clay, old friend says " goober " , lengthen life because of having grow body action, be said to do again " macrobian fruit " . Civilian adage has " often eat earthnut can preserve one's health, ate earthnut not to think meat or fish " adage, it serves to show its nutrition value is high. The nutrient part of earthnut is substantial and comprehensive, exceed other provisions oil far kind food. Than certain animal kind high protein food (wait for) like egg, milk and lean lean, go even farther than, by contemporary dietetics the home regards as " plant flesh " . Cong Mou is planted for the meaning, earthnut returns health of good human body than the flesh.

According to contemporary dietetics the home determines, in earthnut of every 100 grams, contain protein 27 grams, exceed an egg almost 1 times, milk 8 times much, thin pork 1 times much, the protein of earthnut is digested extremely easily to absorb by human body, only in produce soja just can be rivalled to it, two content are known as together " plant flesh " . Earthnut is contained adipose 39 grams, although under thin pork, but exceeded milk, egg greatly. The adipose much of earthnut is the not saturated fatty acid such as oleic acid and linoleic acid, peanut oil is good edible oil and industry (especially medical industry) the important raw material that go up. The calcium that earthnut place contains surpasses egg and thin pork, phosphor exceeds thin pork, egg and milk, contain iron slightly under the egg, exceed thin pork and milk, earthnut place contains vitamin A, B a group of things with common features, E and nicotinic acid to wait very rich also, among them vitamin B. Content exceeds rice face and soja. The contains lesser lecithin in spending survival to contain general grain oily crop and choline, the material that metabolism of these two kinds of human body needs, the memory to the person and neurological have very main effect. Accordingly, earthnut often is regarded as to lengthen life sanitarian beautiful is tasted.

Earthnut is a kind of good nourishment not only, and still be a kind of fine medicine, carapace of bine, leaf, fruit, pignut (the seed of earthnut) , peanut oil, seed coat (common weighs gules Bao Yi) can be used as medicine, its are officinal value is higher.

Motherland medicine thinks, pleasant of earthnut sex flavour, smooth, have raise blood be good at lung of lienal, embellish bowel of expectorant, embellish is aperient, hemostatic an effect such as breast. Apply to dry expectoration asthma, taste the disease such as maladjusted, hidebound, galactic lack, anaemic, constipation. " gleaning of detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " say: "Earthnut has Yue lienal with lung of stomach, embellish expectorant, alimentary attune is enraged wait for effect. " " property of a medicine takes an examination of " the cloud: "Earthnut is unripe grind use phlegmy, fry ripe with appetizing wake lienal, slippery bowel, dry cough person of eat, fire of grow dry embellish. Fire of grow dry embellish..
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