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Food " an affectionate couple matchs " nutrition complementary more healthy
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Sesame seed matchs kelp

Put them boil together together, can have the hairdressing, effect that combats consenescence. Because sesame seed can improve haemal circulation, stimulative metabolism, among them linoleic acid has adjust the function of cholesterol, vitamin E can prevent consenescence again. Kelp contains calcium and iodine, can rise to blood purify action. Promote the synthesis of thyroid element, both syncretic, the effect times add.

Pork liver matchs spinach

Pork liver, spinach has the function that enrich the blood, one fatigue one element, supplement each other, to treating the surprise effect of anaemia.

Unpolished rice mixes coffee

unpolished rice evaporate ripe grind powder, add milk, saccharic but drinkable, unpolished rice nutrition is rich, to cure haemorrhoid, the coffee of better curative effect; such as constipation, hypertension can be life-giving, mix with unpolished rice, have local color more.

Lily matchs an egg

Have moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, qing Xinan's magical effect, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, caustic of phlegmy water of lily Qing Dynasty, filling empty, and yoke can divide irritated heat, filling shade blood,

Hotpot matchs ginger

Hotpot Bu Yangsheng is warm, ginger drive cold heat preservation, mutual collocation, warm on add warm, return at the same time but the evil outside drive, can treat cold abdominal pain.

Soft-shelled turtle matchs sweet candy

Not only sweet taste able to read aloud fluently, delicious and delightful, and contain a variety of rich protein, adipose, vitamins, contain miserable, this much acid, silicon acid, solid for cannot much powerful body agent, ill to heart disease, intestines and stomach, anaemia all has curative effect, still can promote grow, precaution is anile.

Duck flesh matchs yam

Old duck can complement already human body moisture can fill again shade and but clear heat relieves a cough, the filling Yin Zhili of yam is stronger, feed in all with duck flesh, can eliminate fat, filling lung effect is much better.

The carp matchs rice vinegar

Carp itself has the meritorious service of cleanse water, human body oedema is divided is wet mostly outside nephritis swollen, rice vinegar is advantageous wet function, if be fed in all with the carp, the function with wet benefit times add.

The flesh mixes garlic

Common saying says: "Eat fleshy garlic, nutrition decreases half " , this has certain and scientific reason, but tell from science, the flesh and garlic should be accompanied really and feed. According to research, the part of B of unripe each other is contained in lean lean, and the time that vitamin B keeps inside human body is very short, bit of garlic element couple has again when eating the meat, can make the analysis of vitamin B gives a quantity to rise not only multiple, still can make it original dissolve is dissolve at the sexual qualitative change of water the property at fat, lengthen vitamin B thereby the retention period inside human body, so right stimulative blood circulation and eliminate body exhaustion as soon as possible, increase a constitution to wait to have important nutrient sense, accordingly, when eating the meat, did not forget to eat garlic of a few valve.
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