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Dietotherapy treats oral cavity ulcer only
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Sweet juice contains gargle standard: Can contain gargle with the sweet juice of 10% , can disappear weak, acetanilide, stimulative rejuvenesce.

Honey therapeutics: Wash oral cavity gargle clean, reoccupy disinfection cotton is signed get on honey besmear at cankerous face, the of short duration after the inunction does not want food. 15 minutes or so, can swallow honey together even saliva, continue again inunction, one day can repeat an inunction several times.

Vitriolic zinc therapeutics: Take vitriolic zinc piece or syrup of 1% vitriolic zinc, grow up every time 80 milligram of 40 ~ , 1 day 3, general use consecutively 5 ~ 7 days can heal.

Agaric therapeutics: Take tremella, black agaric, hawkthorn each 10 grams, water simmer in water, drink soup to eat agaric, daily 1 ~ 2, can treat oral cavity ulcer.

Cocoa therapeutics: Become cocoa and honey key mushy, contain pharynx again and again, daily can treat oral cavity agnail and ulcer several times.

Therapeutics of Chinese cabbage root: Take Chinese cabbage root 60 grams, garlic bolt 15 grams, big jujube 10, water simmer in water is taken, daily 1 ~ 2, can treat oral cavity ulcer.

Colza therapeutics: Take white turnip seed 30 grams of 30 grams, seed of leaf mustardleaf mustard, very light blue 15 grams, put pound one case, stick at sufficient heart, daily 1, can treat oral cavity ulcer.

Malic therapeutics: Take an apple (pear is OK also) cut piece put to container inside, add cold water (the apple that should not boil too or pear) heat to boil, wait for the moment in be being contained in the mouth together with wine after its are a bit cool again edible, use consecutively can be cured a few days.

Walnut carapace therapeutics: Will 30 to 50 grams walnut carapace boils water twice, everyday morning and evening is taken 1 times each.