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Head of fish of evaporate of green chop any of several hot spice plants
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The method that make:

Advocate makings: Piscine head chili

Complementary makings: Green ginger

Material: Head of reservoir big fish, cent is become 2 half; Green chop any of several hot spice plants half bowls; Silk of ginger silk green is right amount, jiang Pian 3

Wipe piscine head salt first and asperse a few cooking wine to bloat be soiled 20 minutes, wash clean later, on 3 ginger are spread in dish bottom, head of the fish on the lid, irrigate on piscine head again on green chop any of several hot spice plants and Jiang Si, unripe smoke, salad oil (any of several hot spice plants of chop of a little bottled blueness is saltier, be born alertly smoke or saline dosage)

After water of a pot for steaming food leaves, lie between water steam 12 minutes

Boiler of 12 minutes of of people of talent is aspersed on green silk, irrigate a few to heat up oil to be able to give boiler again